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Ad from 1988 by Thomas Mann using a pictogram to illustrate the pronunciation of Gallery I/O.
If you are planning to travel to New Orleans, please visit Thomas Mann Gallery I/O at 1812 Magazine
(at Felicity). Studio tours are also available by apointment. Open Mon. - Sat. 11AM to 5 PM.

500 Napoleon Avenue • 504-581-2113
Open 10AM - 5PM, Mon., Thu.- Sat.
Tues. & Wed. by Appointment
Closed Sundays!

Thomas Mann opened Gallery I/O in New Orleans in 1988 after developing the gallery concept over his many years of work and travel in the design industry. In addition to housing the largest collection of jewelry by Thomas Mann, Gallery I/O offers a variety of contemporary jewelry, home accessories and unique gifts by dozens of artists.

Gallery I/O, which stands for “Insight-Full Objects”, offers work that combines elements of the American Craft movement, European design aesthetic and traditional fine arts to yield a unique visual idiom — Some are decorative, some are functional, but all are engaging and invite new understanding of how craft, art and design are experienced.

Gallery I/O also hosts several themed one of a kind group shows a year, inviting artists and designers to explore new ideas about the use and expressive possibilities of form and materials. With annual opening celebrations in conjunction with New Orleans’ chicest street party, Art for Arts’ Sake in the Fall and The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival in the Spring, Gallery I/O exhibitions are not to be missed.

Below is a list of some of the artists who have participated in the annual exhibitions at Gallery I/O as well as artists whose work is in our currently held inventory.

Barbara Minor, Ben Neubauer, Charles Lewton-Brain, David D'Imperio, Dawn Nakanishi, Deb Karash, Diane Falkenhagen, Donald Friedlich, Ginger Kelly, Hsu Studios, Jaclyn Davidson, Jeanne Flint, Karen Gilbert, Kenn Kushner Designs, Linda Kaye-Moses, Lorelei Hamm, MADE, Peggy Eng, Reiko Ishiyama, Shirley Drevich, Talya Baharal, Andy Cooperman, Julie Shaw, Clara Arana, Arthur Hash, Ashka Dymel, Ayala Naphtali, Betsy Myers-Green, Biba Schutz, Kristin Diener, Bill Seeley, Boo Poulin, Boris Bally, Michael Boyd, Bruce MacDonald, Camille Rendal, Carol Webb, Christine Clark, Carol Kelly, Cathy Cooper, Christopher Poehlmann, Danielle Gori-Montanelli, Dee Fontans, Dominique Giordano, Melissa Duimstra, Bob Ebendorf, Emanuela Aureli, Gabriel Ofiesh, Greg Wilbur, Heinz Brummel, Holly Stein, Tim Hooper, Hratch Babikian, Didi Suydam, Tami & Charles Kegley, Joyce Roessler, James Thurman, Bonnie Miller, Jane Adam, Jim Binnion, Susan Saul, John Martini, John Greco, John Iversen, Jon Michael Route, James Thurman, Kate Updegraff, Keith LoBue, Kem Alexander, Judith Kinghorn, Kiwon Wang, Kristina Kada, Kyle Rees, Lee Marraccini, Lisa Slovis Mandel, Ken Loeber, Paul Loughridge, Lauren Ramirez, David Paul Bacharach, Margo Manning, Marjorie Simon, Marne Ryan, Mary Kanda, Mary Beth Rozkewicz, Mark May, Mark Garcie, Maria Phillips, Matthew Hollern, Micki Lippe, Molly McNamara, Annette Paskiewicz, Natalie Nichols, Orfeo Quagliata, Peggy Cochran, Rachel Kassia Shimpock, Roberta Williams, Robert Kaylor, Rone Prinz, Sam Shaw, Sarah Mann, Kristin Mitsu Shiga, Eric Silva, Christine Simpson-Forni, Stephen Kraft, Jimmy Descant, Deb Stoner, Shannon Sunderland, Thomas Hill, Terri Logan, Todd Reed, Sharon Tuke, Aaron Kramer, Valerie Mitchell, Connie Verrusio, Vitrice McMurry, Wendy Stevens, Yuko Yagisawa and many more...